Cylinder Head Porting & Flow Bench Testing

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Cylinder head porting and flow bench testing.

Cylinder head porting and flow bench testing have declined in a market flooded with CNC ported heads. Discriminate engine owners, seeking every ounce of power from their vintage muscle car engines, and those who own uncommon engines realize the value gained from cylinder head porting combined with proper flow bench testing.

Dennis Hawkins, owner of Precision Machine Service and Lead Machinist, had the distinct privilege and pleasure of studying custom head porting (hand porting) alongside the master, Joe Mondello.

Precision Machine Service still does full port work, bowl work and port matching on factory heads. They also do port matching on engine intakes and full manifold porting. Owners of CNC ported heads, many companies do not remove the step lines left in the ports from CNC machining, this causes slight restrictions and unwanted turbulence in airflow. We can polish those CNC machined ports allowing less turbulence and better performance in airflow.

All custom hand porting is flow tested on the Saenz 600 Flow Bench with Audie Technologies Flow Pro software. Flow Pro testing identifies key measurements aiding us in determining the correct lobe profile needed for the camshaft to obtain maximum efficiency.

Over 40+ years building muscle car engines and vintage motors for discerning car owners, we know the ins-outs of proper cylinder head porting and flow bench testing.