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Engine Machine Shop Videos

Vintage Muscle Car owners and hi-power engine enthusiast are sure to enjoy some of these engine build videos.  These videos will share some of our Dyno testing along with other facets of engine machine shop projects provided for our customers.  If you have any questions about the contents of our engine building videos, be sure to contact us for answers.

Visit Kit Cobra, our animated mascot. A fine example of the thousands of muscle car engines and high performance racing engines built in our engine machine shop for over 40 years.

Precision Machine Service (PMS), a USA company, operates on sound principles with professional skilled machinist. We welcome the opportunity to hear all about your engine build project and to see how we may be of assistance in making your race dream a reality.

Rebuilt this 512 Mopar engine after a timing chain failure at 6500 RPM in the speed trap at Bristol Dragway.  Inspection on the engine showed several valves were bent from the incident. The engine heads were fixed, a new set rod bearings were rolled in.  The Cam was retarded 4 degrees, killing a little torque on the launch.

This race engine roars from a very nice Belvedere. The race car’s owner did not want to cut the fenders or tub the car, limiting him to 9.5 inch slicks.  This Mopar engine would light up the tires at every launch, the retarded Cam will ease this situation. A few change-ups and the 512 Mopar engine turned out a whopping 740 HP at 6500 RPM.

Just completed a blown 350 Chevy engine build going in a 47 Henry J

RaceTec built us a set of 8.5:1 slugs.  A custom hydraulic roller was cut by Comp Cam’s. The huffer was under drove by 30%. Topped of this beautiful engine with a blower box and MSD ignition. The 350 motor produced 573 hp and maintained 543 lbs/ft of torque from 2500 to 6000 rpm. This is sure to light up the tires on the 47 Henry J.

Just completed a 351 Cleveland motor build for a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang.

We installed a mild retro hydraulic roller ground for us by Comp Cams and installed new valves, the engine’s heads had already been ported. The customer provided us a FiTech electronic fuel injection system we installed. Extensive fine tuning was performed producing 371 HP and 365 lbs ft of torque, maintaining over 300 lbs ft of torque throughout the 2500 RPM- 5500 RPM test range.

Crankshaft grinding to eliminate scouring left by years of crud and particles in the engine’s oil. This particular crankshaft required 10 thousandths removal and crankshaft bearings with an extra 10 thousandths in thickness installed during the engine rebuilding process.

Big Block Ford engine producing 620HP.

Dyno testing an RB Mopar vintage Muscle Car engine for one of our customers.

Check out this Street Stock 350 Dirt Track motor.

Completed a 496 Big Block Chevy for a pristine ’65 Malibu. We used a LRC Stroker kit with hyper pistons, modular crank, forged I-beam rods, 320cc raised exhaust aluminum heads port matched with a dual plane Weiand intake. Our customer wanted to keep the factory hood as-is, so a low-rise intake was used. A single plane would have worked a little better.

Our friend, at Comp Cams, ground us an electronic fuel injected(EFI) hydraulic retro roller (282/296 @.006,.615 lift). Since the car had air conditioning and 3.55 gear we detained ourselves from getting crazy with the stick.

After a break-in on the Dyno we tested the engine at full power, from 2500rpm – 5500rpm the engine never traveled below 500lb/ft of torque and developed 470hp. This will surely light up those Chevy Malibu tires!

One of our machine shop machinist is resizing the larger end of piston rods to allow for proper oil clearances. In this particular case factory piston rod bolts were replaced with stealthier ARP bolts and required 4 thousandths of an inch be removed from each piston rod end.