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Engine Machine Shop Videos

Vintage Muscle Car owners and hi-power engine enthusiast are sure to enjoy some of these engine build videos.  These videos will share some of our Dyno testing along with other facets of engine machine shop projects provided for our customers.  If you have any questions about the contents of our engine building videos, be sure to contact us for answers.

Visit Kit Cobra, our animated mascot. A fine example of the thousands of muscle car engines and high performance racing engines built in our engine machine shop for over 40 years.

Precision Machine Service (PMS), a USA company, operates on sound principles with professional skilled machinist. We welcome the opportunity to hear all about your engine build project and to see how we may be of assistance in making your race dream a reality.

Crankshaft grinding to eliminate scouring left by years of crud and particles in the engine’s oil. This particular crankshaft required 10 thousandths removal and crankshaft bearings with an extra 10 thousandths in thickness installed during the engine rebuilding process.

One of our machine shop machinist is resizing the larger end of piston rods to allow for proper oil clearances. In this particular case factory piston rod bolts were replaced with stealthier ARP bolts and required 4 thousandths of an inch be removed from each piston rod end.

Produced from 1968–1980, the Rocket 350 was entirely different from the other GM divisions’ 350’s. It used a 4.057 in (103.0 mm) bore and Oldsmobile small-block standard 3.385 in (86.0 mm) stroke for 350 cu in (5.7 L). Output ranged from 160-325 hp (119-242 kW). Oldsmobile 350s made from 1968-1976 are more desirable engines as they were manufactured with heavy castings, beefier crankshafts, and better flowing heads.

We just completed this 350 Rocket engine rebuild for a client to go in their  1972 Olds Cutlass. Keeping the stock stroke and a 4.030 overbore, we used a flat top piston with EdelBrock heads and a dual plane medium rise intake. Comp ground us a custom retro roller kit and the engine was topped off with a 680 QuickFuel. The engine produced 490 HP at 5800 RPM’s and 506 lbs ft of torque at 4000 RPM.

On a personal note, I hope my friend Joe Mondello is looking down and smiling…

Recently completed a 429 Ford Thunder Jet. Using the original Thunder Jet Heads, Hydraulic Roller, Speed Pro forged slugs with 9.8/1 compression ratio, we balanced the rotating assembly and finished off with the customer supplied 750 Holley carburetor on a dual plane medium rise intake. The motor created 450 HP @ 500 Lbs foot pounds of torque.

Finished our 3rd Cleveland motor for the year. Kept the stock crank and external balance, used a set of forged Speed Pro Slugs, A Comp Cams custom Retro-Roller, and an Edelbrock Dual Plane Intake with 780 Quick Fuel Vacuum secondary carburetor. Spark was added to the engine with an MSD Billett and 6AL Box. To smooth out airflow we port matched the intake and cylinder heads and cleaned up the bowls in both intake and exhaust. This 351 Cleveland motor produced 405 HP at 5400 RPM and 422 ft. lbs of torque at 4600 RPM.

This newly completed 383 Small Block Chevy 9.5:1 pump gas engine makes 449.1 HP at 5100 RPM with 477 ft. lbs of torque at 4600 RPM. The customer furnished a set of Dart Iron Heads and single plane high-rise intake with a Holley Double Pumper. Comp ground us a custom retro hydraulic roller. We then added a set of PRW Roller Tip Rockers and Eagle crank with SCAT rods. We used our ready to run MSD test distributor to do the pull on this terrific 383 Small Block Chevy.

We put the giddy up in this 408 Windsor Mustang drag car’s engine.  Using a customer furnished cam and Trik Flow heads we machined this block for 4 bolt billet center caps and cut the mains to Cleveland journal size with Stacker bearings. This pony is now a joy to ride with a nice 605 hp at 6500 rpm, without spray.

This 512 RB drag motor came to us for minor sprucing up and testing.  In the end it produced its usual 740 HP.

When Ford manufactured the classic 1960-1970’s Maverick it shamed it from the start by giving it a powerful name and under powered engine. But, one of our customers brought by their nicely built 302 with mild cam, personally medium rise single plane intake and 650 Quickfuel with Trick Flow heads, this engine turned heads at an impressive 430 HP.

Even old Ford pickups need a little pickup now and then.  Our customer wanted just a little pep-in-the-step of their 351 Cleveland motor with a mild Cam, stock intake, stock exhaust manifolds, and a complete valve job. We then balanced and blue printed the block. This 351 Cleveland engine now produces 320 HP and 335 ft lbs. of torque. Now it’ll go back into the old Ford pickup strapped to a Bulldog 4 speed transmission.

Want to light a fire under a 1970 C20 Chevy, here’s how you do it! Our 632 Big Block Chevy project started off with a Dart block, AFR heads, Edelbrock intake, a 1050 QuickFuel, MSD ignition, Eagle Forged crank and rods, and RaceTec custom pistons with a Total Seal Gapless Top Ring pack. From there we sprinkled a custom Hydraulic Roller, from Comp, and Scorpion Rockers. This big block Chevy screamed out 745 HP with 850 ft lbs of torque, nice!

The customer, of this 408 Windsor drag motor, only wanted slight modifications. We built 13.5:1 compression ratio with Flat Tops. In the end the engine produced 730 HP at 6800 RPM. Our customer plans on spraying it about 300, should be a pretty fast ride.

Completed a 445 Small Block Ford engine build for a 1967 ‘Eleanor’ Ford Mustang clone. We used a Dart Block, set of Victor Junior heads, Eagle Stroker with a Total Seal Rings set, ground mechanical roller from Comp, and topped it off with a Quick Fuel 780 carburetor. The outcome, 551 HP and 580 ft. lbs. of torque.

Ol’ Blue needed some freshening up, so we started this 521 engine rebuild with a new custom ground Comp Cam, a set of Total Seal Gapless 2nd rings, performed some grooming of the intake manifold and intake port, and then Dynoed it. The engine produced 721 HP and 750 ft. lbs. of torque running on pump gas.

Well now ol’ Tater loves his Nova and doesn’t believe in rotten spuds, so we freshened up Taters 427 Small Block Chevy Nova resulting in 651 Hp while running on pump gas.

Rebuilt this 512 Mopar engine after a timing chain failure at 6500 RPM in the speed trap at Bristol Dragway.  Inspection on the engine showed several valves were bent from the incident. The engine heads were fixed, a new set rod bearings were rolled in.  The Cam was retarded 4 degrees, killing a little torque on the launch.

This race engine roars from a very nice Belvedere. The race car’s owner did not want to cut the fenders or tub the car, limiting him to 9.5 inch slicks.  This Mopar engine would light up the tires at every launch, the retarded Cam will ease this situation. A few change-ups and the 512 Mopar engine turned out a whopping 740 HP at 6500 RPM.

We just finished a customer’s 55 Studebaker Lark 259 V8. This was basically a stock build. We did have Comp do a mild regrind on the stick, rebuilt the stock Bendix carburetor and installed Pertronics in the distributor. The old girl rocked the Dyno at 132 HP and 209 ft. lbs. of torque before settling back down to a very smooth idle.

Just completed a blown 350 Chevy engine build going in a 47 Henry J

RaceTec built us a set of 8.5:1 slugs.  A custom hydraulic roller was cut by Comp Cam’s. The huffer was under drove by 30%. Topped of this beautiful engine with a blower box and MSD ignition. The 350 motor produced 573 hp and maintained 543 lbs/ft of torque from 2500 to 6000 rpm. This is sure to light up the tires on the 47 Henry J.

Big Block Ford engine producing 620HP.