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Engine Machine Shop Gallery

Muscle Car engines to rare vintage motors have passed through our engine machine shop doors for over 40+ years. Precision Machine Service wishes to share some of these high performance engines with you.

Maybe you would love for us to work on your specialized engine rebuild and add your engine’s photo to our Engine Gallery.  If so, please let our expert machine shop team know and while rebuilding your engine, they will be sure to get a photo added. If you would like to discuss your engine rebuild project contact us for assistance.

Precision Machine Service exterior of the office, engine machine shop, welding garage and Dyno Testing Room.

Flow Pro testing is invaluable to ensuring airways are clear aiding in horsepower delivery.

Dyno Testing engines for maximum performance.  Dyno testing may involve several trial runs before and engine’s optimum horsepower rating is reached.

Dennis alongside his 521 Cobra Jet Kit car producing 611hp with Super Cobrajet Heads and custom ground mechanical roller from Comp.  Of course this baby screams!

Dyno testing a Chevy 502 Big Block. Dyno display during the test.

Tunnel Porting heads for a Ford FE engine.

Scribing intake ports for matching.

A rare and original Cross Boss intake.

Corvette LS motor getting ready to be disassembled and machined for even greater horse power.

Corvette LS engine stripped down to the block and ready for enhancements.

Finish Honing an engine with torque plate.

Dyno testing a vintage Pontiac muscle car engine to obtain maximum horsepower and sustained performance.

Think muscle car engines and surely the 351 Cleveland motor ranks tops on most peoples list.

Australian River Racing, those boys take it serious.  Check out this custom machined 632 Big Block engine done by Precision Machine Service.

A complete overhaul of this Pontiac 455 muscle engine has her ready to race!

Talk about engine machining for power, check out these Nitrous Gussets PMS custom machined on a Ford 302 motor.

Our engine machine shop disassembled and went through this 427 Side Oiler for one of our customers.  Engine has many Holman Moody parts..

Machinist crank grinding to obtain true balance and optimum engine performance.

Using the CNC’s crane hoist to move an engine block into position for CNC work.

One of our machine shop machinist carefully bead blast an engine’s intake manifold in preparation for yet another engine rebuild. While it looks easy, a good machinist pays close attention not to heat damage intricate orifices.