Engine Dynamometer Testing Equipment

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Engine dynamometer testing equipment used in our engine machine shop.

Engine Dynamometer testing equipment, also referred to as Engine Dyno, is used by our skilled engine machine shop machinist to test engines for produced torgue and horsepower at various set RPM ranges.

Our Dynomite Land & Sea engine dynamometer is fully programmable.  This permits our engine machinist to adjust test set-up RPM ranges and dyno testing duration to obtain as much data needed for a proper analysis of your engine’s performance. Engine data is collected in 100rpm increments and can be viewed on a torque versus horsepower graph or analog in 100rpm increments.

Measured engine data includes toque, ambient air temperature, airflow through the carburetor, actual fuel flow, and exhaust gas temperature (EGT). Calculated engine data includes horsepower, air-to-fuel (A/F) ratio, and brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC – pounds of fuel used per horsepower per hour).