Engine Cleaning Oven Large Block

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Engine cleaning oven large block

Our engine cleaning oven is for deep cleaning large engine blocks and cylinder heads thoroughly for pre-inspection as well as post rebuilding. Engines are covered in dirt, grease, paint and corrosion preventing close inspection as well as having surface contaminants that interfere with precision machine work such as honing or resurfacing. The oven reduces these deposits to ash.  This makes media blasting easier as well as reduces engine block stress caused by the initial casting and cooling process performed at the engine building factory.

Magnetic particle detection powder, used for detection of cracks in cast iron blocks and heads, and  penetrating dye, to properly locate hairline cracks in aluminum castings, both require extremely clean surfaces to be effective. Most late-model heads require mirror finishes for proper sealing of MLS gaskets, any debris left behind from engine milling may mar the mating surface and prevent proper sealing.

The engine cleaning oven temperatures and chemical cleaning processes are different for aluminum and cast iron. Internally, engines get dirty with carbon deposits coating combustion chambers and exhaust ports along with scale and lime deposits that form a thermal barrier inside cooling jackets around the cylinders and combustion chambers. Thick varnish like oil deposits and sludge builds up in oil galleys and other block/head surfaces. All of these external and internal surface contaminants must be removed during the engine cleaning process. Block castings and machined parts require post-cleaning as well, to remove oils, metal chips, blast media, honing residue, and any other possible contaminates from all the nooks and crannies of the engine block and/or heads.