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Engine Performance Evaluation & Development

Engine Performance Evaluation is a process by which we can utilize our professional version of Dyno Sim to build a virtual engine. We input such engine specifics as bore and stroke, compression ratio, exact cam specifications, valve size and actual flow numbers from our flow bench.

Once the base engine configuration is established, we have the ability to change a multitude of settings that emulate actual physical changes that could be done on an engine but would take days to weeks with unnecessary costs in labor and parts. We find our professional Dyno Sim application to be very valuable in helping customers see how various engine modifications affect change in horsepower and overall performance.

When the Engine Performance Evaluation process is completed the result is an engine that will perform the way the customer wants it to and save them money by knowing ahead of time what engine machine work and parts will be needed to achieve their goals. We tested several completed engine builds, first created with the Engine Performance Evaluation process, in our real Dyno Testing Room to compare the simulated Dino Sim Results with actual physical results and found the Dyno Sim results to be quite accurate.

” I’ve been building muscle car engines and custom vintage car engines for so long with so little at all, I can build any engine in my sleep with nothing at all.”   Old Navy saying modified to my reality.