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Muscle car engine building at Precision Machine Service.

Muscle Car engine building specialist operating a full service engine machine shop building high performance race ready engines. Whether you are a vintage muscle car enthusiast or professional race car driver, we are here to serve all your engine machining needs in-house.

Some of our customers know just what they want in their high performance engine build, others are not sure what engine machine modifications or parts will produce the horsepower and sustained performance they are searching for.

No worry here, using our professional in-house Virtual Sim engine building software we can build you a virtual engine for your race or muscle car. Trying out various engine build configurations beforehand you save on labor and purchasing unnecessary automotive parts. Our Dyno test results confirm these virtually designed engines come remarkably close to their actual engine counterparts.

The sixties was the era I became of age to work on these fine engines, so I have a soft place in my heart for 60’s muscle car engines and earlier engines such as Flat Head Fords, early Hemis, and Small Block Chevy’s to name a few. While not technologically advanced as modern computer controlled engines, these engines still produced 500+ horse power with carburetor and points-style ignition.

We’ve had the privilege of re-building Side Oiler Fords, FE Fords, Clevelands, Windsors, Hemis, B & RB Mopars, Pontiacs, and Oldsmobiles, So many of these engines are becoming very rare, it’s very important extensive care is taken in the engine machine work and assembly of these fine automotive treasures.

When a customer’s engine arrives at our engine machine shop for rebuilding, restoration or customization, we take a complete inventory ensuring our customers leave with everything they brought to us. We do our very best to build vintage engines to factory specifications or customize your engine for the enhanced performance your seeking.

Other muscle car engine builds include:

  • 427 Cammer engine
  • 1928 Whippet 4 Cylinder
  • Studebaker Avanti (Paxton Supercharged)
  • 1955 Studebaker 259

just to name a few of the hundreds of muscle car engine building projects we have done over the last 40+ years.