Digital Crankshaft Balancer Equipment

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Muscle car engine building at Precision Machine Service.

A digital crankshaft balancer is crucial for determining the accurate amount of weight to be added or removed from a crankshaft for proper balance.

Electronic sensors, on each end of the crankshaft, takes constant readings while the crankshaft turns. Parts to be attached to the crankshaft are weighed. We weight match parts to .5gm’s (a dollar bill weighs 1 gram) and rotating assembly to .01gm. A formula is then used to equate weight measurements to their equivalent bob-weights.  The bob-weights are added along the crankshaft, simulating the attached parts. Digital crankshaft balancer readings now indicate where and how much weight must be added or subtracted for that properly balanced crankshaft.

While crankshaft balancing can enhance any engine’s performance, crankshaft balancing becomes increasingly critical when working with muscle car engines and high performance racing engines.

Many customers ask, yes we balance flywheels and other single-plane items.