Engine Dyno Testing

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Engine Dyno testing assures engines meet horsepower and torque expectations.

Engine Dyno testing assures our customers engines are meeting their horsepower and torque expectations. Our Land & Sea Dock Mounting Dyno is an invaluable tool enabling us to test engines up to 1,000 foot pounds of torque from idle to 10,000 revolutions per minute (RPM).

Dyno test sessions allow us to make last minute horsepower enhancing adjustments to engines such as: Exact ignition timing, carburetor jetting, valve timing camshaft corrections, carb spacers, intake manifolds so every ounce of thrust is squeezed from your engine’s cylinder walls and sustained dependable engine performance is maintained.  This is also a great opportunity for oil leaks, water leaks or other issues to be found and quickly rectified.

During the Dyno testing process airflow and fuel flow are measured, giving an accurate A/F ratio and spec fuel. Volumetric efficiency is then calculated. In addition EGT probes monitor and report the performance of each individual cylinder.

Our 40 plus years experience rebuilding muscle car engines and custom vintage car engines makes a key difference in your engine Dyno testing results.