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Engine Machine Shop Services

Some of our engine machine shop services provided by Precision Machine Service. Click on any of the images for a more detailed write-up of the varied engine building services offered.  If you need more information on any particular service or don’t see the engine machine shop services needed to meet your special needs, be sure to contact us for further assistance.

Engines for vintage muscle cars.

Vintage Muscle Car Engines

Specialize in rebuilding and building custom vintage car engines.

Engine rebuilding and engine cleaning services.

Engine Rebuilding And Cleaning

We start every engine build and rebuild with a deep cleaning of the engine that restores it to that new look. Vast experience restoring rare engines, engines with hard to find parts and engines requiring custom machining to grab every ounce of horsepower.

CNC engine machining and engine blueprinting services.

CNC Engine Machining And Blueprinting

CNC engine machining tolerances as low as .0002.  Machine your engine block on probed or factory Blueprint specifications.

Engine Dyno testing services.

Engine Dyno Testing

Land & Sea dock mounting Dyno testing ensuring your engine is fine tuned to your horsepower and torque expectations.

Cylinder porting and flow bench testing services

Custom Cylinder Porting And Flow Bench Testing

Custom hand porting for those not so common engines. Port matching on intakes and full manifold porting.

Engine align boring and honing services.

Align Boring And Honing Services

Having the correct bearing clearance is paramount in any engine, whether a street engine or high performance race engine boring and honing are essential in getting those right fits for optimum performance.

Engine head rebuilding, guide and seat installation, and head milling.

Head Rebuilding-Guide And Seat Installation-Head Milling

We recondition heads top to bottom, paying close attention to proper casting and date codes. Dirt Track racers, we do Angle Milling.

Engine carburetor rebuilding and tuning.

Carburetor Rebuilding And Tuning

Over 40 years experience rebuilding top brand carburetors for antique automobile hobbyist to pro racers.

Crankshaft resizing, rod reconditioning, balancing and beam polishing.

Crankshaft Resizing, Rod Reconditioning, Balancing And Beam Polishing

Crankshafts resized to remove wear, groves and out of round. Off-Set Grinding, rods re-bushed and resized.

Automotive engine performance evaluation and development.

Engine Performance Evaluation And Development

Using our Dyno Simulator and Flow Bench we can build you a virtual high performance engine to fit your needs before working on your actual engine.