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Engine Machine Shop Policy

Engine Machine Shop Policy for Precision Machine Service is as follows:

Quotes: An estimate will be furnished for every major engine project. Any changes in pricing, for additional labor and/or materials will be passed to the customer for their approval. A verbal quote will be given for smaller jobs, such as cylinder head work, surfacing flywheels and etc.

Warranty: Engines built for racing competition carry no warranty. Race engines are Dyno tested, checking not only for overall performance but looking to identify any problems in materials and workmanship. We furnish a full Dyno Report and DVD of your racing engine’s test Dyno run. All other engines carry a 90 warranty on materials and workmanship, unless otherwise stated.

All engine warranty work is at the sole discretion of Precision Machine Service and limited to the cost of the work performed. Engines will be brought to the engine machine shop for inspection and evaluation. PMS does not cover the cost for engine removal or re-installation. Warranty on all parts will be determined by the manufacturer of the part(s).

Payment: All engines or any major engine machine work requires a 50% deposit of the estimated amount. All work will be paid for and picked up within 30 days of completion. Work not picked up, within the 30 days, will be sold for the balance owed.

We accept cash, credit and debit cards. With prior approval, we can accept checks only during banking hours when banks are open.

Time Frame: Precision Machine Service’s engine machine shop policy is to give a Best Estimate completion date for all machine shop projects. We cannot guarantee an absolute date due to parts availability and unforeseen factors. We will do our very best to finish your your project in a timely manner.

Have more questions about our Engine Machine Shop Policy, please roam through our website for additional details and visit our FAQ page for answers to questions we are commonly asked.  If questions still remain or you would like to discuss your special engine rebuild project contact us for assistance.