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Privacy Policy Precision Machine Service

Precision Machine Service values the privacy of your personal information. We will not sell, trade or distribute your information to others unless authorized by you.

Personal information collected on our Precision Machine Service site forms will not be used except to contact you, per your request. Once we have contacted you, if such information is needed to render services to you we will do so solely in that capacity. We will exercise reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect your information against unauthorized or unlawful access, alteration or disclosure.  In most cases such information will be cross shredded.

Your information may only be shared with authorized machine shop business partners if required to initiate warranties or speak on your behalf with businesses needed to complete your specific engine building/rebuilding project.

We encourage you to roam through our engine machine shop site for answers to most all your questions and to visit our FAQ page for commonly asked questions. If you do not find answers regarding our machine services and how we can help you with your engine build, please be sure to contact us.  Should you desire not to fill out our information form, we welcome your call to us at 865-429-3172 for further assistance over the phone.